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Nw : The constable took bribe, swallowed the notes on seeing the vigilance, still why could not he escape? learn

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CJM Tyeb Hussain to sub-inspector Mahendrapal, who was caught taking bribe in the purchase and sale of buffaloes in Haryana was presented in the court. From here he was sent to jail. Earlier, the accused was taken to the police station, where money was extracted from his mouth by making him lie on the ground.

Vigilance team caught Inspector

Highlights Inspector was posted in Sector-3 police post of Faridabad

Shambhunath’s dispute over buying and selling of cows

Shambhunath was accused of cow theft

The Inspector asked for bribe to close the complaint

    Faridabad: Vigilance team raided a sub in Faridabad. Inspector arrested for taking bribe of Rs. This constable posted at Sector-3 police post has been caught red handed. On being caught, the sub-inspector tried to swallow the money by putting it in his mouth, but could not escape. The team made him lie on the ground and took out the money from his mouth. The arrest took place from a community center where he had come to attend a marriage function with the family. It came to light that the accused had invited the victim to a wedding ceremony to take the bribe. This arrest created chaos at the venue. After appearing in the court, the accused has been sent to jail.

    According to the bureau, Sector-3 resident Shambhunath Yadav told in the complaint that he does animal husbandry. Recently, he had sold a buffalo to his acquaintance Deshraj for Rs 40,000. Deshraj gave 30 thousand rupees to Shambhunath while taking the buffalo. Told to give the remaining 10 thousand rupees later.

    Bribe was taken in this case

    It is alleged that Deshraj was reluctant to pay Rs. On non-receipt of money, Shambhunath gave a complaint against Deshraj to the Sector-3 police post. The investigation of the case was given to Sub-Inspector Mahendrapal. On the other hand, Shambhunath’s grandson brought his cow from Deshraj’s house after not getting the money. Deshraj also gave a complaint to the police when the cow went missing. On the complaint, Mahendrapal threatened to put Shambhunath in lockup. When Shambhunath spoke to sub-inspector Mahendra Pal to clear the matter, he asked for Rs 10,000. On this Shambhunath gave Rs 4000 on Saturday. 2000 was given on Sunday, then Mahendra Pal asked for more money. Shambhunath complained about this to the State Vigilance Bureau. Vigilance caught like this On Monday, State Vigilance Bureau’s Inspector Swarnalal and Duty Magistrate Vinay Attri along with the team reached Sector-3 police post. There Shambhunath talked to Mahendrapal on the phone and he called him to the community center. Mahendrapal had come there with his family for the wedding ceremony.

    Such withdrawn Rs. Shambhunath indicated to the team while giving the four thousand rupees given by the team to Mahendrapal at the community center itself. The team caught the accused sub-inspector red-handed. During this, the accused also tried to swallow the money. As soon as he put money in his mouth. The team extracted money from his mouth. During this the team had to work hard. He was pressed by lying on the ground and money was taken out by putting his hand in his mouth. The accused was taken to the State Vigilance Bureau, Faridabad. Sent to jail after appearing in court.

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