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Nw: Stray Kids Save Their Highly-Anticipated Comeback With ‘Maniac’

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Final year, Okay-pop powerhouse Stray Kids made a thunderous comeback with their sophomore album NOEASY. This year, the octet are encourage with but but another anthemic release, testifying to the crew’s commitment in direction of re-defining their kind and inventive verbalize. Titled “Maniac,” the latest release leads the crew’s EP ODDINARY and marks the main release below Republic Recordsdata after the crew entered an unfamiliar contract with the ticket in February. 

Written and light by the crew’s production unit 3RACHA (Bang Chan, Changbin and Han) alongside VERSACHOI, “Maniac” acts as an extension to the crew’s ongoing thematic of breaking free from societal norms and expectations. Characterized by extremely effective entice beats and bass-synth sounds, the single kicks off with a fab melody with chief Bang Chan singing; “Light down everybody, discontinuance pretending to be standard/ All of your smiles glimpse unfamiliar/ When the lock is released, we’re the total identical/Your eyes can’t idiot me, ho.” 

Because the chorus approaches, Felix performs to his strengths, employing his deep-toned vocals, singing; “Maniac/ Going crazy, love I truly bear a loose screw maniac. Spinning, going crazy/ Maniac stroll love Frankenstein. Anchored by sonorous bass-synths echoing within the background, the rapper-vocalists’ resonant vocalization straight away dials up the depth, improving the note’s aural attraction. 

Lyrically, “Maniac” helps the EP’s overarching thematic. A mix between the words ‘unfamiliar’ and ‘fashioned,’ ODDINARY encourages listeners to embody the unfamiliar facets in themselves; after all these ‘quirks’ are what truly sets us apart from the fashioned. On the other hand, “Maniac” delves into this area deeper, highlighting what this scamper (of embracing your unfamiliar facets) would possibly maybe perhaps perhaps end result in. From backbiting; “You would possibly maybe perhaps perhaps perhaps also backbite me as mighty as you want, I’ll ignorе them anyway” to the explosion of pent-up emotions; at the discontinuance, one can’t suppress the actual model of themselves no matter how now no longer easy societal norms and power try to conceal it up; “As time goes by, it’ll within the waste be revealed/The inner self that became hidden yeah.”

Existing in two worlds, “Maniac’s” plotline oscillates between two worlds (deem Wonder’s multiverse meets the Stranger Things’ upside-down). The first is your ‘fashioned’ world, the build the boys retain smartly-liked phase-time jobs and hand round in a diner and the is the cinematic ‘oddinary’ world the build every member has unleashed (and current) their quirks, turning into a extra confident and plucky model of themselves. 

Basically written and produced by 3RACHA, ODDINARY is a extremely effective seven-note EP that contains five crew tracks (“Venon,” “Maniac,” “Charmer,” “Freeze” and “Lonely St”) and two-unit tracks (Bang Chan, Lee Know, Seungmin, I.N’s “Waiting For Us” and “Muddy Water” by Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix). 

On March 17th, JYP Entertainment introduced that ODDINARY h a crammed with 1.3 million inventory pre-orders, making them the main artist below the ticket to imperfect the 1,000,000 pre-describe sales. Previously, NOEASY crunched in 930,000 pre-orders, giving their latest comeback a 400,000 album sale upward thrust and making it their private simplest release (in terms of sales numbers) so far. 


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