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Nw : News Prognosis | DFDR and CVR of the crashed flight MU 5735 will provide the solutions

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On March 21, 2022, a B737-800 aircraft of the China Jap Airlines flight MU 5735 plunged into the ground killing all 132 on board. There were reviews of rain within the build and overcast skies. Flightradar24 tracking of the Computerized Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) taken from the Mode-S transponder on board indicated a surprising topple in plod coupled with lack of altitude. The following steep descent, arrested for a snappy interval with magnify in plod, followed by one other steep topple in altitude and plod, earlier than the influence, signifies a probable “lack of preserve a watch on”. Chinese authorities gain grounded the B737-800 pending investigation and India’s Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has launched increased surveillance of B737-800 aircraft operations. Is the aircraft gadget suspect?

Having flown the B737-800 for bigger than 8,000 hours, I will be capable to train with certainty that the aircraft is terribly stable, equipped the pilots realize the gadget and flight traits, especially in detrimental weather prerequisites. Speculations are rife on imaginable causes, including pilot’s suicide. A video of the last seconds of the break earlier than influence circulating in social media reveals a advance vertical descent of an aircraft without tail! The ADS-B files signifies a final descent rate shut to 31,000 toes. per minute. This could well maybe very correctly be confirmed handiest with the Digital Flight Knowledge Recorder (DFDR) finding out, when it’s located. The Cockpit Command Recorder (CVR) will give a clear describe of conversations and audio warning sounds inner the cockpit. It’s extraordinarily serious to discover and decipher the DFDR and CVR recordings to determine the real motive.

Not just like the Silkair MI-185 break on December 19, 1997 which descended at a an identical excessive rate and killed all 104 on board, and which has been identified as pilot suicide by the U.S.’ National Transportation Security Board (NTSB), the MU 5735 had the transponders on for indicators to be recorded practically unless the last moments. In the Silkair break, the tail used to be intact and the clue used to be equipped by the stabiliser screw jack, which used to be located within the wreckage. If it had been a mechanical gadget failure, the stabiliser setting would were two degrees but it used to be stumbled on at the zero setting that used to be imaginable handiest with handbook preference. The descent profile used to be imaginable handiest with handbook preserve a watch on. MU 5735 had three pilots on board and the CVR read-out will particular any doubt on what transpired inner the cockpit.

The profile recorded by the ADS-B signifies the inability of preserve a watch on attributable to the flight being within the neighborhood of a immense thunderstorm cloud. A satellite image of the build will expose if CBs were fresh, love the lethal flight of AF 447 break within the Atlantic on June 1, 2009. The observe from Kunming to Guangzhou is hilly with ranges having peaks from 7,000 toes to 10,000 toes. If there are solid winds, eddies can exist as a lot as 2-and-a-half instances the head of the hill. If cumulonimbus clouds tower over 40,000 toes, the core may maybe well gain very solid updrafts which advance out of the underside of the overhand, popularly identified because the anvil, as extraordinarily solid down drafts. The excessive descent profile of the crashed aircraft signifies a presence of the solid down draft.

The ADS-B files from Flightradar24 position has this obligatory files within the 30 seconds between 06.20.43Z and 06.21.09. While the aircraft is declaring the heading on 100 degrees, there is a titillating decline in plod from 457kts to 386kts and a descent rate building as a lot as 31,000 toes per minute.

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All contemporary jet aircraft engines gain Paunchy Authority Digital Electronic Administration (FADEC) and the engine thrust is controlled by FADEC to prevent over-boosting and to gain optimum thrust settings. The principle setting is in keeping with ambient temperature

The flight used to be declaring 29,000 toes and the FADEC would gain adjusted the thrust requirement for the ambient temperature at 29,000 toes. When the solid updraft moves the airmass from a lower level across the path of the flight, FADEC would sense the unique warmth airmass and nick the thrust to prevent over-boosting of the engine. The excellent indication to the pilot, if he used to be monitoring the Total Air Temperature (TAT), indicating an magnify in temperature. If the pilots had recognised that — sadly, only a pair of video show TAT — he will need to gain taken the Altitude Web Mode off and ragged preserve a watch on wheel steering to stride the waves. Leaving the autopilot engaged in Lateral Navigation and Vertical Navigation (LNAV/VNAV) mode will end result within the aircraft declaring altitude, autopilot will preserve trimming the stabiliser attend to alleviate preserve a watch on forces, and plod will preserve dropping. The response of the pilot to magnify most thrust will haven’t any manufacture as FADEC will no longer enable the engine to magnify thrust attributable to the warmth air mass encountered. The snappily topple in plod and the excessive rate of descent introduced on signifies a stall attributable to lack of preserve a watch on because the aircraft may maybe well maybe gain moved into areas with mistaken downdraft. To un-stall the hover, the pilot may maybe well maybe gain ragged the stabiliser easy for nose down, which is prepared to end result within the rate rising and thrust rising because the temperature at lower altitude will enable the thrust to magnify. The following pitch up would give non permanent construct in top followed by the pitch introduced on nose down attributable to the stabiliser trimming for nose down.

Had been the crew conscious of excessive altitude jet upset restoration manoeuvre? Had been they trained for such an eventuality? Grounding a hundred B737-NGs in one airline while a complete bunch of others are flying in China reveals extra of a knee jerk response. The Indian DGCA following swimsuit with surveillance makes it worse up to now as safety consciousness is anxious. It reveals a total lack of thought by the Flight Requirements Directorate of the DGCA, within the occasion that they’ve told this switch. There are millions of B737-NGs flying on the earth and it’s a long way a stable aircraft. Fear response creates doubts within the minds of passengers. It’s better to be taught from accidents and purchase steps to prevent a recurrence. The DFDR and CVR of the crashed aircraft will provide the solutions.

Capt. A. (Mohan) Ranganathan is a retired airline teacher pilot and aviation safety educated.


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