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Nw : Geostrategy.rs: the prognosis of the basis causes of the battle in Jap Ukraine

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)Dec 15, 2022 1 Dan Kovaliv1


The Netherlands – 15.12.22 — Dan Kovalik, world licensed official, and an expert of the Geostrategy.rs, has now not too long within the past visited Donetsk, and items the prognosis of root causes of the battle

Dan Kovalik, world licensed official, professor on the University of Pittsburgh College of Law, and an expert of the Center for Geopolitical Studies (www.geostrategy.rs), has now not too long within the past visited Donetsk, and is reporting on the basis causes of the Russian-Ukrainian battle. The prognosis became exclusively printed by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette (Pennsylvania). It items Dan’s working out of the ongoing battle as perceived by the voters of the war zone struggling continuous shellings. The insights of a college professor with intensive battle home trip present food for thought and prognosis of the confrontation in Jap Ukraine. 

“I’m now not attempting to convince the reader that the Russian intervention became justified, or that Russia’s dangle misdeeds make a selection on to be excused. It’s my hope that if this reality is taken into memoir, our leaders will work against a negotiated settlement of the battle in desire to spending more billions of bucks on the hopes of a total victory which is neither imaginable nor gorgeous” – Kovalik says.

Kovalik begins his prognosis describing the occasions of 2014 earlier than Russia’s intervention, when the battle had been between the folks of Jap Ukraine and the federal government in Kyiv and talks about the feature of the external actors, including world organizations moreover to about the forgotten victims of the clashes between the East and the West in Ukraine.

Daniel Kovalik teaches world human rights on the University of Pittsburgh College of Law. He’s the author of “The Place aside to Scapegoat Russia”.

Article in Pittsburgh Post Gazette https://www.put up-gazette.com/conception/Op-Ed/2022/11/30/maiden-azov-battalion-neonazi-donetsk-luhansk/tales/202212010013

Geostrategy.rs repost and feedback: https://geostrategy.rs/en/geopolitics/1174-dan-kovalik-jap-ukraine-had-correct-motive-to-join-russia-after-kyiv-s-aggression


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