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Nw: FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried loves peanut butter, hates actuality

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Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) continues to shriek that FTX prospects may possibly possibly mute be reunited with their stolen funds if, you realize, these funds hadn’t been squandered by he and the opposite participants of his polycule.

After pleading no longer responsible final week to eight prison prices associated to the collapse of the FTX digital sources replace and its affiliated market-maker Alameda Study, SBF has resumed the ill-if truth be told helpful media tour he embarked upon following FTX’s chapter filing in November and before his arrest within the Bahamas in December.

On Thursday, SBF launched a Substack story with an editorial titled FTX Pre-Mortem Overview, whereby the ‘crypto’ sector’s mop-haired feeble wunderkind doubled down on old claims that FTX’s U.S.-facing replace “stays completely solvent and may possibly also merely provide the probability to come all prospects’ funds.” SBF furthermore claimed that “very colossal restoration stays doubtlessly accessible” for FTX Worldwide prospects on account of the latter entity’s “many billions of greenbacks of sources.”

FTX’s publish came in the end after a U.S. Bankruptcy Court docket of Delaware listening to whereby Adam Landis, the authorized expert representing FTX’s present management, said the restructuring team had recovered “over $5 billion of money, liquid cryptocurrency and liquid funding securities measured at petition date impress.” Here is to boot to the $425 million price of FTX/Alameda sources for the time being below the management of Bahamian authorities.

The amount FTX owes to its a immense replace of collectors stays undetermined, however it completely would be significant bigger than its liquid sources. The recovered sources furthermore encompass some “illiquid” sources, including FTX’s in-dwelling FTT token, however Landis warned that the amount of these illiquid sources “are so immense relative to the entire provide that our positions can no longer be offered without substantially affecting the marketplace for the token.”

Amongst the opposite revelations from Wednesday’s listening to used to be the dimensions of the ‘backdoor’ between FTX and Alameda that SBF left originate. As detailed within the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Fee complaint in opposition to SBF, Alameda loved a “special designation” that allowed Alameda to brush apart its credit limit while making trades on FTX (with funds borrowed from FTX prospects without their recordsdata). Landis said Wednesday that this borrowing limit used to be a jaw-dropping $65 billion.

SBF continues to plead his innocence no subject feeble Alameda CEO Caroline Ellison and FTX co-founder Gary Wang dishing grime on him to federal prosecutors. Outdated FTX compliance chief Daniel Friedberg is reportedly furthermore appealing to again as a note in opposition to SBF and feeble FTX engineering chief Nishad Singh is doing his maintain bargaining with the feds.

Maybe SBF’s stare of the sphere is obscured by trees surrounding his fogeys’ dwelling, where SBF is for the time being stranded below dwelling arrest. However his capability for denial stays as enormous as Alameda’s credit limit, to the level that his now awful initials may possibly also merely if truth be told stand for Sam Blacknight-Fleshwound. Read on.

SBF determines whether or no longer funds were stolen, okay?

Sooner than we dig into SBF’s Substack reproduction, true study this passage after which bewitch into story the veracity of one thing else he says thereafter:

I didn’t take funds, and I completely didn’t stash billions away. On the sphere of all of my sources were and mute are utilizable to backstop FTX prospects. I if truth be told contain, for event, offered to make a contribution the large majority of my internal most shares in Robinhood to prospects–or 100%, if the Chapter 11 team would honor myupright expense indemnification.

On January 5, SBF’s attorneys filed a circulation to block the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) from seizing the 56.3 million shares of the Robinhood digital trading app (for the time being price spherical $450 million) that were bought by Emergent Fidelity Applied sciences (EFT) in Might well furthermore 2022. SBF held a 90% stake in EFT and the cash old to bewitch the Robinhood shares used to be ‘loaned’ to EFT from Alameda.

As neatly as to the DoJ and FTX’s present management, the bankrupt digital asset lender BlockFi has furthermore made a issue on the Robinhood sources, in accordance with the sources being old as collateral for a $671 million loan BlockFi made to Alameda quickly before FTX went abdomen-up. An Antiguan court iced up the Antigua-primarily based EFT’s sources following a complaint by an irate Antigua-primarily based FTX/Alameda creditor.

SBF has argued that he wishes entry to the Robinhood shares in uncover to pay his excessive-priced upright representatives. By no intention mind that the funds old to bewitch these shares were clearly FTX/Alameda buyer funds that SBF treated as his to raze with as he jubilant, including paper over billions in trading losses at Alameda.

In transient, SBF has no factual to these shares or the loads of millions they would possibly also merely narrate after being offered. No longer for ‘upright expense indemnification’ or every other self-serving reason. Thieves don’t fetch to aid items offered with stolen cash. Cease of legend.

On the sparkling facet, SBF’s latest upright team have a tendency to recount their predecessors in dumping their consumer on account of frustration alongside with his inability to STFU. With his history of ignoring upright counsel, SBF can contain a hell of a time finding recent illustration, leaving self-illustration his handiest possibility. And since that’s free, he received’t need these Robinhood shares. Drawback solved.

It’s most likely you’ll possibly also’t spell ‘bancrupt’ without ‘solvent’

Getting encourage to the Substack publish, SBF claims Alameda used to be doing true swell except the collapse of the Three Arrows Capital (3AC) hedge fund, whose feeble bosses properly made up our minds to flit to a rustic without an extradition treaty with the U.S. reasonably than embark on a half-baked sorry/no longer-sorry publicity tour. The contagion from 3AC’s death took down a host of alternative crypto Ponzis, and SBF claims this resulted in Alameda’s sources losing 80% of their (said) impress.

November brought “an low, immediate, centered wreck precipitated by the CEO of [digital asset exchange] Binance,” Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao, who publicly threatened to dump $580 million price of FTT on the market. This wreck “made Alameda bancrupt” and the “contagion unfold to FTX and other locations.”

No subject CZ’s willingness to push his feeble accomplice over the facet, Alameda used to be bancrupt prolonged before that. The awful leaked balance sheet that preceded CZ’s tweet confirmed that Alameda valued its FTT holdings at a level beyond the token’s complete market cap. Other Alameda sources were equally inflated, making further mockery of SBF’s assertions.

SBF claims FTX.US “stays completely solvent and may possibly also merely provide the probability to come all prospects’ funds,” given his issue that the replace had “ $350m salvage cash accessible beyond buyer balances” and that FTX.US funds and prospects “were segregated from FTX Worldwide.”

Here is, as we now know, explain bullshit. In December, FTX’s court-appointed CEO John J. Ray III confirmed that “FTX US used to be no longer operated independently of FTX.com.” Ray furthermore published that SBF’s sprawling monetary operations were conducted via QuickBooks and funds that prospects wired to FTX went in its put to hurry Alameda’s leaky boat.

Folks true admire giving SBF cash

As for FTX Worldwide, SBF insists that “no subject processing roughly $5b of withdrawals over its old couple of days of operation, FTX Worldwide retains significant sources–roughly $8b of sources of various liquidity as of when Mr. Ray took over.” SBF claims that, had FTX been given about a extra weeks before being compelled into chapter, “it may possibly possibly possibly possibly likely contain utilized its illiquid sources and fairness to raise sufficient financing to make prospects substantially complete.”

SBF claims to contain secured “doable funding” price over $4 billion via letters of intent from unspecified parties however that these “pathways may possibly also merely had been abandoned” once news of FTX’s chapter—and the comely extent of SBF’s illegal activity—became public.

Assuming these phantom investors—presumably acquaintances of SBF’s Canadian female friend—had been appealing to step into the breach, this sum would contain papered over the holes in FTX/Alameda’s balance sheets, no longer maintain them. His imaginary rescuers may possibly also need offered him a diminutive overtime, nothing extra.

SBF then swings for the fences by claiming that “FTX Worldwide and Alameda were both legitimately and independently a hit agencies in 2021, every making billions.” Here again, SBF relies on the ingenious accounting that inflated sources’ paper values and effectively treated buyer deposits as earnings. And by no intention mind that these supposed billions in earnings were one intention or the other insufficient for FTX/Alameda to preserve it up, necessitating a couple of funding rounds since July 2021 that raised virtually $2 billion, but by no intention reasonably perceived to scratch SBF’s funding itch.

SBF even had the stones to issue that FTX “successfully handed” an audit of its 2021-22 monetary statements, neglecting to display that the audit used to be conducted by Armanino LLP. Following FTX’s implosion—and public references to SBF as their “buddy”—Armanino used to be rubbished as ‘crypto commerce cheerleaders’ by the Wall Avenue Journal and the agency received out of the digital forex commerce altogether. (One more crypto consumer who handed an Armanino audit? Nexo. Ahem.)

SBF tried to throw Caroline Ellison below the bus by declaring that “I haven’t roam Alameda for the previous few years.” No longer in maintaining with the Securi ties and Alternate Fee (SEC) complaint in opposition to SBF, which states it looks that evidently that he “remained the final resolution-maker at Alameda, even after Ellison and Trabucco became co-CEOs in or spherical October 2021. [SBF] directed funding and operational choices, continuously communicated with Alameda workers, and had tubby entry to Alameda’s records and databases.”

In actuality, we may possibly possibly proceed on however we’re in unfortunate health of this guy’s schtick, already. Danger is, SBF can’t pause talking. He closes his publish by asserting he has “quite a bit extra to issue” and that this pity-celebration is handiest “a initiate.” Shut. Your. Pie-Hole. Severely.

Puck off

The day before SBF’s Substack debut, Puck Files creator Teddy Schleifer posted a prolonged story of his consult with to SBF’s fogeys’ dwelling in Palo Alto, California. Schleifer is the 2nd creator (that every person is conscious of of) to secure this invite, following SBF welcoming crypto influencer Tiffany Fong for a tradition-as a lot as her November phone interview with SBF.

(Apparently, Schleifer wrote a Vox article two years within the past on the “secretive Silicon Valley neighborhood” Solutions The Gap (MTG), a political action committee. MTG, co-based in 2018 by SBF’s mother Barbara Fried, centered on serving to Democrats seize management of the Dwelling of Representatives. Closing twelve months, MTG received a $1 million donation from Nishad Singh, FTX’s feeble engineering chief who is now attempting for a handle the feds.)

Amongst the scintillating objects that Schleifer gleaned from his SBF consult with used to be that the latter tried to dwell to converse the story on peanut butter at some level of his transient preserve at the notorious Fox Hill penal advanced within the Bahamas final month. While other shops had reported that SBF used to be served toast, jam and greens to accommodate his vegan standard of living, SBF performed the martyr card by claiming that his (mental?) health used to be “a diminutive touch and proceed for a while.”

SBF furthermore bemoaned that his recent disclose as crypto’s Bernie Madoff supposed most of his visitors were ghosting his calls and emails. SBF used to be philosophical about his pariah position, declining to blame someone for looking out for to “steer determined of getting drawn into the shitshow.”

Others aren’t as alive to to aid their distance. SBF associated a (possibly apocryphal) story about how some particular particular person—presumably a feeble FTX buyer—tried to entry the property to site SBF below ‘citizen’s arrest.’ SBF expressed confusion over this, asserting: “I don’t fetch it. I’ve already been arrested.”

Real or no longer, his fogeys reportedly received a massive German shepherd to again as SBF’s guardian/companion. The dog is named Sandor, which we’re assuming is a reference to Sport of ThronesSandor ‘The Hound’ Clegane, who served as sinister-mouthed guardian to 2 assorted Stark girls over his six-season roam. With any just appropriate fortune, SBF’s Sandor will at final realize his master is the categorical bitch and deservingly chew the hand that feeds.

Schleifer went on CNBC’s Snarl Field to counsel that SBF’s oversharing is thanks to his perception that “the crisis comms playbook that we’ve considered over the final century is too conservative.” With his trial no longer field to fetch underway except October, SBF is interestingly unwilling to “sacrifice losing the public relatives battle” in accordance alongside with his assumption that “possibly the lawyers are awful.” Certain they’re.

Finally, while FTX prospects received’t discover it silly—and SBF if truth be told received’t be laughing—this is classy correct. And hi there, humor may possibly also merely disclose to be basically the most convenient staunch compensation they ever fetch from SBF.

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