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Nw : First Imran's speech and now the picture of terrorist Burhan Wani in the parade, Pakistan is not deterring

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Whatever may happen but Pakistan’s attitude towards terrorism cannot be changed. The picture of terrorist Burhan Wani is shown in the rally taken out on Pakistan Day. At the same time, Imran Khan’s crying about Kashmir has not stopped yet.

Pakistan Day Parade

) Islamabad:
The real face of Pakistan regarding terrorism has come before the world many times, but still He does not desist from his antics. Now Pakistan is openly engaged in glorifying terrorists. 23 March in Pakistan
Pakistan Day(Pakistan Day) is celebrated. On this day a rally was taken out during the Pakistan Day Parade and in this rally terrorist Burhan Wani (Burhan Wani)’s picture was put up. No one knows how long is the chair of Pakistan’s PM Imran. Pakistan during the Pakistan Day Parade Portraits of Islamic terrorist Burhan Wani and radical Islamist separatist Syed Ali Shah Geelani were displayed on the side. This can be clearly seen in the video. Along with this, it can also be heard that how terrorists are being read praises of Burhan Wani.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan had raised Kashmir’s melody from the forum of Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) a day earlier. Imran Khan said that we are 1.5 billion Muslims but have failed in solving the issue of Kashmir and Palestine. We have no influence on Kashmir, they do not take us seriously. Imran Khan said that the reason for this is that India does not feel any pressure on Kashmir.

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