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Nw : Ending the MANF Scheme Is an Extension of BJP’s ‘Gujarat Mannequin’

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In a depraved but unsurprising pass, the Union executive nowadays made up our minds to end the Maulana Azad National Fellowship (MANF) that became provided to researchers from minority communities at universities falling below the College Grants Rate (UGC).

Asserting the decision to end the fellowship, the Union executive has mentioned, “Since the MANF draw overlaps with various other fellowship schemes for increased training being conducted by the manager and minority students are already covered below such schemes, hence the manager has made up our minds to end the MANF Scheme from 2022-2023.”

If that is the true reason, then one must be in a position to hear a identical argument about fellowships to examine students from other marginalised communities – such Dalits, Adivasis, OBCs and participants with disabilities. No topic every thing, the manager can thoroughly express that students from these teams are already covered below the UGC’s main fellowships, Junior Compare Fellowship and Senior Compare Fellowship. Alternatively, that’s no longer going to happen; I sincerely hope it does no longer.

More importantly, it shall be a grave mistake to peep basically the most contemporary decision in isolation. It follows the Bharatiya Janata Birthday party’s exclusionary imaginative and prescient and agenda, which became first conducted in Gujarat below the management of Narendra Modi. Truly, it would no longer be unsuitable to argue that basically the most contemporary decision to scrap the MANF is nothing but an extension of the ‘Gujarat Mannequin’.

It’s price recalling that below Modi’s chief ministership, the Gujarat executive had refused to put in power the pre-matriculation scholarship draw for school students of minority community launched in the country in 2008, calling it discriminatory. It became only after a excessive court docket vow in 2013, followed by the Supreme Court docket’s refusal to end the excessive court docket vow, that the then assert executive headed by Modi made up our minds to put in power the draw.

It’s furthermore no longer surprising that despite the longstanding ask by activists and teams love the Minority Coordination Committee (MCC) Gujarat, the assert has neither a Minority Welfare Division/Ministry nor a Minorities Rate. Significantly, love the Union cupboard, the assert executive furthermore does no longer recognize a single Muslim minister. Truly, in the nowadays concluded assert election, the BJP did no longer give price to a single Muslim candidate, despite the community making up practically 10% of the assert’s population.

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Even supposing the manager has denied claims that it has any plans to scrap the Union Ministry of Minority Affairs, it shall be only per the imaginative and prescient of most contemporary dispensation in the occasion that they judge to catch rid of the ministry. Significantly, the rationale purportedly furthered to define scraping the Central minority affairs ministry is intensely similar to what has been mentioned whereas discontinuing the MANF draw.

“The BJP-led NDA executive is of the stumble on that there is no longer one of these thing as a necessity for an impartial ministry for minority affairs. It believes the ministry became created as piece of UPA’s appeasement protection. Now, the Modi executive wants to raise it abet below the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment as the ‘Division of Minority Affairs’,” one provide instructed Deccan Herald, which broke the story referring to the manager’s alleged thought to scrap the minority affairs ministry.

Aside from the influence of discontinuing the MANF draw on students from minority communities attracted to examine and lecturers, the decision will back no much less than two more capabilities of basically the most contemporary regime and all those aligned to its ideology. First, this might maybe occasionally even extra abet Hindutva activists take part in victim blaming. Since the discontinuation of the MANF draw will power a extra special sequence of students from the Muslim community to shelve their plans to pursue increased training, this might maybe occasionally even change into simpler for anti-Muslims method to argue that students from the community create no longer recognize any curiosity in increased training and lecturers.

The MANF draw became launched post the Sachar Committee anecdote (2006), which had extra special that the hole between Muslims and other Socio Non secular Lessons (SRCs) increases as the stage of training increases, and that unemployment rates amongst Muslim graduates is the final phrase amongst SRCs every amongst the uncomfortable and the non-uncomfortable. There shall be no surprises if there is a steep tumble in increased training enrolment amongst Muslims, as no longer many from the community are in a position to proceed their training and research interests without financial give a enhance to. This is furthermore appropriate for school students from other minority communities, especially females.

Secondly, choices love these will normalise the extra exclusion of minority communities, especially Muslims, because no celebration or executive would must be viewed as ‘appeasing’ the minority. No topic every thing, it is deemed perfectly contemporary if there are no Muslim ministers in practically half of of the assert governments, including Odisha and Punjab, that are thought about opponents of Hindutva politics. It shall be enthralling to peep if the newly formed Congress executive in Himachal can recognize any Muslim ministers. The assert has a more than 2% Muslim population.

Significantly, in the nowadays concluded Gujarat elections, whereas the BJP made up our minds to present no tickets to any Muslim candidates, the Congress gave only six tickets out 182 to Muslims and the Aam Aadmi Birthday party (AAP) gave appropriate three tickets to Muslims, which is intensely low in share to the community’s population in the assert. That’s because in the occasion that they give more tickets, the so-known as secular parties shall be accused of appeasing the minority, a possibility that they invent no longer must bewitch – despite luminous that the bogey of ‘minority appeasement’ is impartial one other instrument to snort constitutionally assured rights to India’s minorities.


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