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Nw : DEAR SANTA CLAUS: Central Post Office of St. Santa Claus in Finland presents the most popular gifts that children ask for in 2022

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LAPLAND, FINLAND, DECEMBER 2022: For a good start to the holiday season, the Central Post Office of St. Santa Claus in Rovaniemi, Finland, and Posti, the Finnish Post Office, analyzed hundreds of Santa’s enact letters from children and adults around the world. The analysis of the content of Santa’s enact letters showed that at the top of Christmas wishes are not electronic devices and toys, but family, health and happiness.

  • Health, family and being together at the top of the Christmas wishlist in 2022

      • The Post Office analyzed hundreds of letters Santa’s enact from children and adults around the world

        • Each year the Central Post Office of St. The Northernmost post office in Finland located in the Arctic Circle in the city of Rovaniemi – the official home of Santa Claus – receives more than half a million letters. In the pre-Christmas period, the enact office receives even 30,000 enact letters every day. Over the years of his tenure, Santa Claus has received more than 20 million letters from 200 countries.

          Young in body and spirit, usually between the ages of 8 and 25, they write effusive enact Santa letters asking for all sorts of things, from the latest toys to world peace. In 2022, the content of the letters shows three main themes: health, family and being together.

          “Analysis of the letters highlighted the real emotions that reign in the world around us, and showed that our loved ones and the simplest things like being together are the most important things”, says Jenni Ihatsu, Director of Communications at branding and marketing at Posti. “In times of pandemic, social unrest and climate threats, it has been important to remember these things and that wherever we are in the world, our wishes and emotions are very similar.”

          Enact letters of Santa Claus and his elves arrive enact of the Central Post Office of St. Nicholas all year round. Anyone who wants to experience the unparalleled Christmas spirit can visit the post office, meet the elves, or even write their own letter and deliver it personally.

          “Reading Santa’s enact letters is one of the best parts of our job. We love bringing joy to people all over the world, and it’s fascinating to know their wishes,” says Katja Tervonen, Chief Elf of St. Santa. Lately, the letters have focused less on material things and more on being together, family and happiness. And that’s what Christmas is all about.”

          The most common topics covered in Santa’s enact letters are:

        • Family
        • Health
        • Christmas

        • Being together
        • Hurry
        • Rudolf Reindeer

        • I believe in Nicholas

          • Is Santa real?
          • Dream gift
          • Write back enact me Finland



              • Elves

              The letters contained not only wishes for gifts, but also expressions of concern for Santa Claus – wishes good luck for him and his reindeer, reminders of proper rest, and promises of cookies and carrots on Christmas Eve. Many letters also included the traditional question: “Santa, are you real?”

              Letter senders wishing to receive a personal reply from Santa Claus himself, be sure to include a return address in your letter. Main Post Office of St. Santa sends over 10,000 responses a year.

              -The end-

                Editor’s notes: Data comes from an analysis of Santa’s enact letters from 23 countries.

                  Photos of the Central Post Office of St. are available here.

                  How to write Santa’s enact: Just write your wishes, put them in enact envelopes and mail to: Santa Claus, Santa’s Predominant Post Workplace, Rovaniemi, Finland.

                  For questions from the media, please contact enact:

                    Paul Charles / Katie Moine / Mel Maughan / Sasha Cummings-Kline / Isabella Sheekey – The PC Company visitfinland@pocket e-book laptop.agency

                      or 44 (0)20 776 8 0001


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