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Nw: Breaking! Vishal

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The counting of the votes of the South Indian Actors Union aka Nadigar Sangam elections held in June 2019 had been held on the present time, and the implications bask in seen the Nassar led Pandavar Ani returning to energy one more time. Vishal and Karthi who contested for the fashioned secretary and treasurer posts bask in obtained alongside with Karunaas and Poochi Murugan who contested for the Vice President’s posts.

It was in 2015 that the Pandavar Ani was formed levelling financial misappropriation prices in opposition to the incumbent President Sarathkumar and secretary Radha Ravi and their crew. The unique crew promised to include the unique union building and after winning a landslide victory started construcions.

Later in 2018 the Nadigar Sangam broke into two factions with the quite a whole lot of one led by K.Bhagyaraj and Ishari Ganesh levelling identical prices in opposition to Vishal and his crew. The 2019 elections had been held but ensuing from the warring factions the authorities appointed a decided officer to address the affairs of the union and it grew to modified into defunct.

Now after a court ruling the vote counting which was stopped for 3 years was lastly done on the present time. K. Bhagyaraj and his crew alleged that votes that had been solid exceeded the selection of members who had been demonstrate within the Nadigar Sangam.

It stays to be seen how Vishal and his Pandavar Ani react to the allegations and whether the counting will be acknowledged. If relieve to energy what steps they’re going to map shut now could well be the debate of city in Kollywood soon.


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