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Nw : Bipar Sanskar Defined by Dr. Kanwaljit Singh | Discussion Hosted by Samvad

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Samvad, a discussion discussion board, has released a draft to instantaneous debate on figuring out the future route of Sikh wrestle as per the Panthic custom and principles. The doc used to be released on 6 June, 2020 at Takht Kesgarh Sahib, Sri Anandpur Sahib.

A message first and important of the doc says:n 23 Jeth, 547 Nanakshahi (June 6, 2015 ), Bhai Daljit Singh released a draft doc in expose to spark a route of of thought and discussion to pass the Khalsa Panth in the direction of Khalsa Jee Ke Bol Baalay. With Satguru Jee’s bakhshish (blessing), the Samvad initiative used to be guided by that doc’s vision and has labored for the chardikala of the Khalsa Panth over the last 5 years by facilitating serious discussions and inside of style.

In expose to chart out the subsequent section of this route of, some panth dardis gathered at Sri Anandpur Sahib all the contrivance through the Hola Mohalla jor mela this one year to take hold of in self-reflection and focus on future steps. The essence of that discussion is now being presented to the Khalsa Panth for feedback so that we are in a position to beget a collective approach going ahead.

This doc is a collection of proposed guiding principles consistent with the restricted mind of some panth dardi. It’s no longer intended to be a last or definitive conclusion. We search info from the unprecedented minds of the Khalsa Panth to part their functional thoughts with the GurSangat so that we are in a position to create the course ahead and collectively work in the direction of Khalsa Jee Ke Bol Baalay.

In expose to level particular terms and recommendations extinct within the doc, Samvad has began a assortment of discussions. First discussion used to be held on-line on the topic of “Bipar Sanskar” on July 25, 2020. In this discussion, Dr. Sikandar Singh (Sri Guru Granth Sahib University, Fatehgarh Sahib) and Dr. Kanwaljit Singh (Predominant, Sri Guru Angad Dev College, Khadoor Sahib) shared their views on this topic.

Here is video recording of presentation made by Dr. Kanwaljit Singh.


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