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Nw : 'Application letter to Hanuman ji, give courage to fight…' Murder mystery of woman solved like this

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Ghaziabad: Police has arrested her husband and naughty aunt in connection with the murder of a woman living in DLF Dilshad Extension Sahibabad, Ghaziabad. In this incident that happened on May 5, the police was informed about the robbery, but as the investigation progressed in the case, the police got shocking information. After this the police arrested both of them. The police solved the murder with the help of an application written in the name of Lord Hanuman in the diary of the deceased. SP City Second Gyanendra Singh told that Santoshi was murdered by her husband Santosh’s aunt Shanti. Santoshi’s diary contained information about her harassing her and husband Santosh’s illicit relationship with her aunt. Apart from this, there was also a talk of torture for dowry. 49 thousand rupees, jewelery worth more than 2 lakh rupees and other items have been recovered from the possession of both the accused. In the postmortem report of the woman, along with strangulation, the matter of poison in the body was also revealed. In such a situation, the viscera of the deceased has been kept safe.

scene of robbery made by murder
According to the information, Santosh, who worked in the office of a CA in Delhi, was married to Santoshi in February this year. Before marriage, he had an illicit relationship with his estranged aunt Shanti and the two were together for about 12 years. In such a situation, after marriage, both of them started troubling Santosh. During interrogation, Shanti told that after leaving home with Santosh on the morning of May 5, both had a fight. In which there was talk of not cooking food on time of Santoshi. After this, Shanti assaulted him. Enraged, Santoshi drank some poisonous drink in anger, due to which she fainted.

After this, Shanti dragged her to the bathroom and poured water on her. During this, when the body cooled down, he planned to give it the color of booty. After this, first he pushed out Santosh’s mother who was coming inside the house. Then she strangled Santoshi with ear phone cable and broke the lock of the cupboard to show the murder and robbery and from there went to Delhi with jewelery and cash. In the evening, Santosh came home at the time of his return from office.

Pain written on page 10 The story of
SP City told that a diary of Santoshi has been found by the police. In which it has been told that all this with him was started only after 10 days of marriage. He was beaten up. Apart from this, she has also written about harassing her due to the relationship between her husband and aunt. She has written in the diary about the torture that happens to her every day. However, the date has not been put in it. A few days before the murder, Santoshi had written a five-page letter praying to Lord Hanuman to fight the situation.

Santoshi was one and a half months pregnant
)According to the police, the postmortem revealed that the victim was one and a half months pregnant. The family members told that even in such condition Santosh used to beat her for dowry. At the same time, the accused Shanti told the police that the marriage was done only to get her household work done. After Santoshi’s arrival, they could not give time to each other, due to which there were fights.

(With inputs from Times of India)

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