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Nw : Anupama 20 July 2022 Written Exchange: Pakhi asks Anu to either clutch Lil Anu or her

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Anupama 20 July 2022 Written Exchange: Anu Anuj and Anu decide up Lil Anu to Pakhi’s school, the latter warns them to search out yet any other school for Lil Anu. Learn additional.


Image: A Still from Anupamaa

Anupama 20 July 2022 episode begins with Anu informing Anuj about her class to which the latter decides to care for aid with Lil Anu. Lil Anu then arrives and clicks a image of them to which they each decide up stunned. She then unearths that Sara gave her the digicam. They all then click on extra photos together. On the assorted hand, as Pakhi will get able to tear to university, she plans to meet Adhik and hopes that Vanraj will not be any longer going to tumble her to university. 

Anupama 20 July 2022 Written Exchange

As Anu, Anuj and Lil Anu arrive at the dining desk, they gaze various forms of dishes. Barkha then unearths that she made all the issues because she did now not know about Lil Anu’s well-liked dishes. As Anu serves breakfast to each person, she sees Pakhi’s call on Adhik’s phone. Adhik will get uneasy and disconnects the call nevertheless Pakhi keeps calling. Ankush then asks Anuj whether he can handle his Mumbai p[rject to which he denies it by pointing out that he already has so great to quit here. Barkha then says that Ankush extinct to handle several projects together within the US to which Anuj asks why they left their alternate and returned to India. Whereas Anu and Anuj clutch to make a decision on up Lil Anu for her school admission, Barkha asks why procedure no longer they decide up her to a factual one which has all the facilities. Anu then explains to her that a college will not be any longer regarding the facilities nevertheless regarding the studies. 

Barkha suspects Anuj is aware of about their US alternate failure

As Anu and Anuj tear away, Barkha feels that Anuj is aware of something about their failed alternate within the US. On the assorted hand, as Vanraj drops Pakhi to university, they bustle into Anu, Anuj and Lil Anu. As Pakhi learns that Lil Anu will likely be learning in her college, she snaps at Anu and tells her no longer to abolish her no doubt feel embarrassed anymore. She then asks her to clutch from her and Lil Anu to which Anuj decides to search out yet any other school for her. 

Anupama subsequent episode spoiler

As Kinjal waits for Anu to tear to the clinic together, Anu is viewed operating at the aid of Lil Anu as the latter meets with an accident. On the assorted hand, Vanraj title callings Kinjal that Anu forgot her over her minute daughter. 

Image: A Still from Anupamaa


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