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Nw : Anomalies galore in land resurvey; many farmers in agony attributable to loss of lands in AP

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VIJAYAWADA: Anomalies are galore within the ongoing Comprehensive Land Resurvey. Names of house owners of the lands and land parcel sizes are getting modified, inflicting hardships to many across the dispute in getting the failings/errors rectified within the fresh records.

Farmers are complaining that the surveyors are doing the resurvey per essentially the most in model ‘bund’ popularity of the agriculture fields with out verifying the existing records. That is resulting in anguish for farmers in different areas.

A lot of farmers had encroached upon the fields located of their neighbourhood by 10 to 15 cents per acre, within the previous. In the resurvey, such encroached land is recorded in favour of the farmer who retains this in his possession, while his neighbourhood farmer who in point of fact owns it effectively loses that section of the land.

In a case at N Ganapathi Nagaram of Devarapalli mandal in Anakapalli district, the surveyors are allocating the encroached parts of the lands to the farmers who did it with out verifying the venerable records including Settlement Honest Adangal, Field Size E-book and Adangal.

That is in opposition to the foundations and stipulations of the resurvey. The surveyors may perchance well honest peaceable co-explain essentially the most in model and former records sooner than recording the extent of the every particular person owns after the resurvey.

Farmers reveal people that are influential and having a want to encroach upon the neighbouring lands of slight and marginal farmers will develop by getting more land within the resurvey while the slight and marginal farmers lose parts of their slight parcels of lands.

Similarly, some farm labourers who migrate to varied locations searching for labor, away from their rating fields support of their villages, are also losing their land within the resurvey. They’re not attentive to the complexities entertaining referring to the ongoing resurvey. The farmers having lands of their neighbourhood will salvage the finest thing about getting the extra allotment of land of their title.

In a case at Ponnuru vilage of Kalidindi mandal in Eluru district, a land parcel of 23.56 acres has been diminished within the resurvey to 0.36 acres. After the resurvey and project of a final notification, 11.06 acres of land registered within the title of farmer’s daughter has long gone to one more farmer. Some 2.95 acres land belonged to the farmer’s sister went to an unknown person while the closing parts of the land too met with the a similar fate.

The kin are drawing shut the earnings authorities to intention accurate the anomalies. They’re afflicted they’ll honest lose their lands they are enjoying for two to a pair generations by manner of inheritance from their forefathers.

Allegations are that the surveyors in a uncover to pause the resurvey direction of with given targets are doing the resurvey in haste, resulting in a series of irregularities. Worse, it is taking a prolonged time to rectify these, inflicting severe mental stress to the farmers, not definite whether or not they’ll honest salvage support their lands.

Some affected farmers are readying to pass court to intention accurate the records of their land holdings after the  lapses within the resurvey.

The farmers reveal although the dispute government has taken up the comprehensive land resurvey programme to resume the land records, to reflect the mirror image of floor popularity and lift all anomalies in land records and registered deeds, the tip outcome’s mental agony to hundreds of farmers attributable to the erratic resurvey direction of.

Lack of upright coaching to the workers and lack of supervision are resulting within the lapses within the resurvey programme. Some landowners also use this event to administration issues and salvage the lands of their neighbours into their fields by manner of fresh records. Some surveyors, influenced by such vested interests, may perchance well knowingly err in such scenarios.

Farmers desire the correlation of land parcel numbers and venerable be aware numbers to be reflected within the Resurvey Land Register and the renewed Adangal so that they’ll not face any anguish on claims of possession of lands in future and while going for registration of deeds.


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